Stageclix V3/V4 Transmitter Jack

175.00 €


The stageClix 5.8 system is a full digital system utilizing the worldwide available 5.8GHz ISM frequency band for transmission. This frequency band is, contrary to the more commonly used 2.4GHz band, relatively underused. This means chances of having poor reception due to lack of bandwidth as result of other 2.4Ghz devices (like smartphones) is odd.

The jack is shaped as an articulated knuckle of which the transmitter body can be turned flush to the guitar when plugged in. This transmitter uses an integrated LiOn battery pack and has a battery life of at least 6 hours straight use. When the transmitter is plugged into the receiver, the batteries are recharged automatically. 

The transmitter has been designed to fit most makes of bass guitars and guitars. A nice touch is when you withdraw the transmitter from the charger/receiver, it is automatically switched off to prevent contact noises as you plug it into your instrument.



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